Aman Zutshi

On the directions of District Magistrate Jammu, Sachin Kumar Vaishya, District Red Cross Society Jammu on Saturday (May 4) has started a series of drug awareness programs to aware school children and others about the menace of drug abuse and how it destroys lives.

A Drug Awareness Camp was organised in a school in Jammu to aware the students to keep them away from the menace of drug abuse. The DM Jammu was the chief guest on the occasion who enlighten the young minds about the abuse of white venom and they should inform authorities so that action can be taken against such illegal activities. Nukkad Nataks and other activities were held to highlight the hazards of drug consumption for the school children.

The DM Jammu, Sachin Kumar Vaishya also advised the children to save themselves from the drug dealers who can trap them in getting used to the addiction of narcotic substances in such a tender age.

“If someone is selling drugs in your area then you should inform to your nearest police station or Tehsil office so that we can apprehend them. We are isolating drug suppliers and are also trying to save the addicts. You will be the future of this country in the future. We will complete 100 years of Independence in 2047 and that time the advancement of India will depend on the contribution of our present generation. You have to pay heed to the things that you have learned today and should impart this knowledge about drug abuse to your families, neighbours. I encourage you all to never fell prey to any wrong activity and devote yourself in sports”, DM Jammu, Sachin Kumar Vaishya said to kids.

On 4 August 2023 the Standing Committee on Social Justice and Empowerment has conveyed to the Parliament of India that approximately 13.50 lakh drug users are estimated to be in Jammu and Kashmir, with the majority falling within the age range of 18 to 75 years.