Jammu and Kashmir BJP President and Senior party leader, Ravinder Raina on Saturday (April 20) confidently asserted that the BJP will win with a great majority in the ongoing 2024 LoK elections in Jammu and Kashmir. Raina said this in a press conference at party headquarters at Tirkuta Nagar in Jammu today.

“I thank from the bottom of my heart to all the voters who voted in such huge margin for the Kathua-Udhampur-Doda constituency for the Udhampur parliamentary seat. On 19 April, in the first phase of this Lok Sabha 2024  elections a huge number of people participated in this democratic process and I thank all the voters for this. People of Kathua, Udhampur, Ramban, Doda, Kishhtwar voted with open hearts, when weather became bad and unfavourable, the voters of theses areas came out of their homes  and casted their vote with zeal. More than 70% voter turn out is considered as huge. We have seen how people of remotest areas of Machail-Padder, Nagseni, Kishtwar-Inderwal, Dachal-Marwah, Doda west, Bhaderwah, Desa, Kastigarh, Khellani, Assar, Batote, Ramsoo, Ramban, Banihal, Pogal,Paristan, Rajgarh, Neel, Moh, Mangat, Chennai, Mantalai, Sudh Mahadev, Latti, Marothi, Ramnagar, Dudu, Basantgarh, Gohari and Narsoo, Udhampur, Mongri,  Panchari, Landhar, Majalta, Krimchi, Tikri, Khurd, Kathua, Hiranagar, Marheen, Nagri, Lakhanpur, Bani, Billawar, Basholi, Dugain, Jasrota, Machedi casted their vote in huge margins. There are different teams who have done voter turn out surveys and from that information we are sure that BJP will win with huge margins and for this love the people have shown to BJP we thank them so much. We also express our gratitude to the party workers, poll booth workers of BJP as they have done very hard labour for the party”.

Answering a media query about the ‘Voter-Turnout ‘ of Kathua-Udhampur-Doda seat and would similar voter turnout can be witnessed on Jammu-Reasi Parliamentary seat , J&K BJP President, said, “The information we are getting from Doda, Udhampur and Kathua district is telling  us that BJP is winning this parliamentary seat with great majority in the same vein Bhartiya Janta Party will win with huge majority. There is strong BJP wave in various districts of Jammu division along with the border areas of Jammu. BJP will win Jammu-Reasi with record majority parliamentary seat and we believe that our big seats will triumph with record break majority and among these seats Jammu-Reasi parliamentary seat will win with more than 4 lakh votes. The love and support PM Modi and our candidate Jugal Kishore Sharma is getting I can say with full confidence that this win will be among the biggest victory among our other 20 national seats on which BJP is contesting 2024 Lok Sabha elections”.

“The mammoth crowd that emerged in the Home Minister Amit Shah’s rally on April 16 and there is was a zeal, passion in our youth and every class of society. The public rallies we have done and the rallies being done by the major faces of BJP in different areas of Jammu and the enthusiasm, spirit we have seen in public gatherings of Jugal Kishore Sharma whether in cities or in villages shows that BJP will Jammu-Reasi seat with great majority.”, he asserted confidently.

Replying to the media query about the BJP candidates not being fielded in Kashmir, Raina said, “The question about BJP contesting elections in Kashmir is that we have a big organisational network in Kashmir division just like Jammu region and there is a strong BJP  network there in cities, rural areas of the valley. The three LoK Sabha seats which consists of Anantnag-Rajouri-Poonch and Srinagar, Baramulla seat the BJP has a strong organisational network and also have a strong network base among people there. We will implement with full spirit whatever our party’s National general secretary  will ask us to implement. We will try our best to further consolidate BJP’s  stronghold further keeping in view the support and reception we have got in Kashmir and we will talk with our senior leaders strategy for elections in Kashmir as we were busy in campaign for Udhampur-Kathua-Doda parliamentary seat. We are completely focussed on Jammu-Reasi seat and in the valley we will also play our part as our honorable Home Minister Amit Shah said during 16 April that we have to save ourselves from those people who destroyed Kashmir for 70 years.

“These people has shown a destructive spectacle in Kashmir and those people who troubled people there, such people who didn’t did good for people when they were in power and are enemies of people, we together must have to make such candidates win who can contribute for the  peace, progress, prosperity and happiness of Kashmir and not for such political parties, leaders who have pushed Kashmir into devastating fire and have done politics of bloodshed”, he asserted.

“Bhartiya Janta Party is the strongest candidate on the Rajouri-Anantnag-Poonch seat and in all the assembly segments of Kashmir and Peer-Panjal region and we thank all the people of these regions that they have given votes and support to us and also joined BJP. We didn’t filed our candidate there but there is one thing very sure that the candidate BJP will support that person will surely emerge victorious because I was busy in Udhampur-Kathua-Doda seat and there is strong campaign on Jammu-Reasi seat. We will decide with our political leaders about the BJP’s strategy for the Srinagar, Baramulla and Anantnag-Rajouri-Poonch parliamentary seat and the political party, candidate who will get our support is surely going to gain victory in the elections. We have to conquer those parties who are foes of peace, prosperity, development of J&K as our Home Minister Amit Shah has said. In order to achieve a bigger goal sometimes we have to leave aside personal affairs and we will  work with full power whatever directions we will get from our party’s national secretary”, he strongly claimed.