Aman Zutshi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday at Maulana Azad stadium in Jewel of Jammu city addressed a public gathering of millions there and after launching multiple development projects valued at Rs 32,000 crores for J&K, interacting with beneficiaries of govt schemes, giving jon orders to new J&K govt recruits said in Dogri addressing the masses that Dogras are amiable and their language is sweet.

Addressing the public event at Maulana Azad, he said in Dogri that he is feeling good coming to Dograland and referring to Dogra poet ‘Padma Sachdev’ poem said that “Dogri is sweet and Dogras are also”.

“I have come here dozens of times but today seeing a flood of people amid such bad weather and even nobody is leaving. I have been apprised that people in remote areas of J-K have joined this event through the medium of LCD screens.This is the love of J&K people for us. People of have come from very remote areas of the region and this is a huge blessing for all of us”, he told addressing the masses.

“This function which is dedicated to developed India is not limited to J&K only but to every part of the India and LG Manoj ji was telling me that from 250 blocks people are connected with this event and are watching it. Such a well organised function on the land of J&K where nature challenges people on every path and tries us and this event organised with such pomp is really commendable and people of J&K deserves kudos for this”, he added.

Speaking about his interaction with locals during “Viksit Bharat Viksit Jammu” function, PM Modi, said, “The way people of J&K were talking to me with such enthusiasm, spirit and clearity can raise the mettle of any country-person watching them”, he said.

“Their mettle might have become immortal. The fervour for “Viksit Bharat Viksit J&K” among people is incredible and we have seen such zeal during “Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra” when people welcomed it in villages and this has happened first time in J&K, that a govt came to their home directly and no beneficiaries will be left out as this is the guarantee of Modi”, he asserted amid a thunder of claps by the audience.

“We have made a resolve that we will make developed J&K and your pending dreams since 70 years will be completed by Modi in the coming years.There were times when only sad news like separatism, guns, blasts, abduction, used to come from J&K and which became fate for the region, but now the J&K is heading forward as today 32,000 crores of projects have been inaugurated”, he told.