Deputy Commissioner Rajouri, Om Prakash Bhagat today presided over a significant meeting and approved 244 cases under the Holistic Agriculture Development Program (HADP) including 166 under the Agriculture and 78 cases under the Animal Husbandry sector. The meeting focused on evaluating the progress made in achieving the objectives of the program and informing farmers about the innovative interventions that have been made.

The HADP is an ambitious initiative aimed at establishing a sustainable and profitable agricultural ecosystem. Deputy Commissioner Om Prakash Bhagat emphasized the overarching goal of the program which is to empower local farmers by equipping them with knowledge and tools that can significantly enhance their productivity and profitability. Simultaneously, the HADP seeks to contribute to the overall growth of the agricultural sector.

One of the key features of the HADP is its provision of a platform for farmers to engage with experts from the Agricultural and allied departments. This engagement allows farmers to seek expert guidance on various aspects of farming, enabling them to improve their agricultural practices. By adopting such a multifaceted approach, the HADP aims to elevate agricultural productivity, enhance livelihoods, and make substantial contributions to the region’s broader economic growth.

The enthusiastic embrace of the HADP by the district administration and the active involvement of various stakeholders position Rajouri as a role model for sustainable and prosperous agricultural practices. With the unwavering commitment of the district administration and the support of concerned officers such as the agricultural sector in Rajouri is poised to thrive. This growth will benefit not only the farmers but also the larger community.

Overall, the meeting showcased the dedicated efforts of the district administration in ensuring that the benefits of the HADP reach the intended beneficiaries. With the approval of 244 cases, the HADP is progressing towards its objective of transforming the agricultural landscape of Rajouri. The meeting was a testament to the resolve and commitment of the district administration to drive sustainable agricultural development and uplift the farming community in Rajouri.

CPO, Mohammad Khurshid, ACP Sheraz Chowhan; CAO Sohan Singh, DSHO, Dr PP Sagotra; CAHO Dr Khalid Hussain; LDM Sanjeev Bhasin; DHO Shafqat Khan; AD Fisheries, Bodh Raj and other concerned officers attended the meeting.