Jammu: Woman who lost sons in terror attack, seek justice

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Grief echoed through the Dhangri village of Rajouri when Saroj Bala lost her two sons namely Deepak (25) and Prince (21), who were among the seven people killed by terrorists confirming them Hindus in Dhangri village of Rajouri on Jan 1.

Saroj Bala, the inconsolable mother yesterday addressed a heartening press conference here in Jammu flanked by Social activist Amandeep Singh Boparai and demanded results of the probe dealing with matter.

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“I had full belief on Home Minister Amit Shah and PM Modi they came in Jammu but couldn’t make to Dhangri due to bad weather”, Saroj Bala said.

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“But still we’re not getting justice in their presence”, she alleged.

“We just want justice why they killed my children, what was the reason and why the govt is not telling us, they didn’t harmed anyone”, she lamented.

“My elder son Deepak was 23-year-old and younger Prince was 21-year-old”, she added.

“Never a terror assault had taken place in Dhangri and it would not had taken place without locals aid”, she accused.

“I thought the media in Rajouri has not made such impact of our issue that’s why we came to Jammu to take it to PM”, she remarked.

“It’s been six months since I was in touch with her she has left no stone unturned to get justice for her sons”, Social activist Amandeep Singh Boparai said.

“She is not demanding a job or relief she is asking why her sons were killed and she has visited numerous places for her concern”, he added.

“The terrorists know where they’re living and they checked their aadhaar cards and killed them”, he alleged.

“Terrorists have that mentality to do more casualties possible but here they sprayed dozens bullets on her sons and also kicked them to dehumanise them”, he limned.

“There is a local person who is involved in this terror attack as how they can just attack coming from Pak and its been six months agencies couldn’t find them”, he said.

“The purpose of this media conference to pressure govt to find locals who aided this attack”, he stressed.

“She went to DC office in Rajouri then she was referred to SP and then he apprised her to contact NIA and she found their phones switched off”, he added.

“When an encounter takes place somewhere then they call her to identify the terrorists this is not her job, but of security forces”, he asserted.

“When terrorists were killed in Kandi I was called by army and asked to identify them, how can I as their faces were covered and they were wearing army uniforms”, Sara Bala said.