Ruckus breaks out in College between students in Jammu for saying “Bharat Mata Ji Jai”


Jammu: Ruckus broke out in GGM Science College in Jammu on Thursday between two groups of students during a function in the college’s auditorium, which lead to heated argument over the slogan of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” by a student, following which the classes have been suspended for the day.

“A function was going on in the college’s auditorium on ‘Nasha Mukt Abhiyaan’ a boy said Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Hindustan Zindabad but someone heckled him why you’re saying this”, a student said.

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“The student said we live in India so we can say Hindustan zindabad then they shouted ‘Allah hu Akbar”, he added.

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“We told them it’s not about Hindu-Muslim as we’re talking about the country then they called boys from outside to fight with us”, he alleged.

“Then our professors came and along with police but they didn’t took any action, but just displayed their might and forced students and suspended the classes”, he asserted.

“We apprised them to raise Hindustan zindabad slogans as we live in Hindustan”, he said.