J&K to install call blocking system in jails

In a significant move, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has approved the installation of towers of the “harmonious call blocking system” in all 14 jails of the Union Territory to prevent unauthorised communications from them.

The Union Territory’s Home Department has approved the project of installation of a harmonious call-blocking system in all 14 jails for blocking 2G, 3G, and 4G signals that could later also be suitable for 5G.

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The proposal involves a financial outlay of Rs 21. 26 crore. Of this Rs 19.04 crore is one-time cost and Rs 1.76 crore is recurring cost per annum on account of rent to passive infrastructure providers @Rs 26000 per telecom service provider(TSP) per month per tower-HCBS) and Rs 0.5 crore on account of the annual maintenance charge @ Rs 1 lakh per TSP per annum.

The installation of towers of a harmonious call-blocking system would block incoming and outgoing calls, SMS’ and data services on prison premises.