Road in absolute shambles in Jammu, locals suffer

Jammu: Travelling on the potholed and muddy Mishriwala GMC college road stretch has become nightmarish experience for the students and local residents of the area.

Several students and locals have been seen having a tough time commuting through the road, one of the girl student was seen falling in the muddy pothole in the viral video, which shows the full horror of the situation.

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Failure of authorities to undertake repairs of the road is taking a heavy toll on the commuters.

                             Watch Report by Ashish Kohli

In absence of repairs, large stretch of this road is dilapidated causing traffic jams. The problem has been compounded as many accidents have occurred at the stretch due to potholes.

The locals has appealed to the local  authorities to repair the road as soon as possible to prevent a tragedy there.