Jammu: Four of family killed along goats in incident

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: In a  ghastly incident, four members of tribal community died along with their 3 goats after a tree fell on them during heavy rains on Thursday morning in Kishtwar.

As per report, the nomads continuing their seasonal migration from Srinagar to Jammu reached in Kishtwar district, where they took refuge and set up a tent in the woods, after which around 3-4am a huge tree fell on their tent killing four members of the family on the spot and also their 3 live stock.

                            Watch Report by Ashish Kohli

After the incident the local authorities reached at the scene of incident and took cognizance of the situation.

Yesterday, Eight labourers lost their lives in road accident, when they were being taken to Dangduru village construction site in Kishtwar.