Terrorist attack foiled in Jammu

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: The Kathua Police has averted a terrorist attack after they found a live Grenade near Border Police Post Sanyal village in Kathua area of Jammu this morning.


As per report, Late in the dusk yesterday ,a blast-like sound was heard near BPP Sanyal situated along the International Border (IB) in Hiranagar area of Kathua in Jammu and after intensive probe the Kathua police as well as security forces discovered a live grenade lying in the Sanyal village crop field today at 6:30 am in the morning in their search.

Responding to media queries, SSP Shivdeep Singh Jamwal, said,”As you already know a high intensity blast took place here yesterday after which a search operation was launched”.

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“We have traced the blast’s location and its impact was also seen in a nearby village. In the morning at 6:30am we discovered a live grenade here”, he added.

“The terrorist who came here to carry out the attack might have escaped after seeing security forces deployment and thrown the grenade here”, he claimed.

“Our investigation is still going on we will be able to give you further details only after that”, he further said.

“The Prima facie is that it is an high intensity blast that naturally hints it is an IED blast”, he further added.

Reacting to the query whether the terrorists were foreigners, the SSP, said, “We have not said that it is media’s assumption”.

“There were full chances of terrorist attack here as the blast indicates as such. Our presence was here yesterday and our SHO sir was also on patrol here and seeing him they might have hurled the grenade first here and later they planted the IED”, he alleged.

“We didn’t had inputs on terror assault. Our SHO use to patrol the nearby village and the preparators came after seeing his vehicle”, he said.

“We have a deployment in a nearby village as well as on the bridge which discouraged them from carrying out the terror attack”, he added.