Jammu boy debuts with rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh

Meet So Dee, the singer-composer from Jammu who has recently given the Indian youth a lot to cheer about with his debut song “Who Knows” with renowned singer and rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh.

A student of DPS Jammu and Lawrence School Sanawar, So Dee graduated from London and has worked in a bank in London. He is a business entrepreneur and a singer by heart and soul. During COVID 19, having nothing much to do, he decided to fulfill his musical ambitions and let out his passion in singing. So Dee has been working since a year on writing, composing and singing his own songs and post COVID, went all the way to Dubai to work on his debut project.

Yo Yo honey Singh who is the country’s top rapper, singer and composer met him on one occasion and liked his voice, composition, and lyrics greatly and so invited him to release his debut together. The song “Who Knows” was hence shot in Dubai together with Yo Yo Honey Singh and released on 13 March. It became one of the single most liked, viewed, and shared song of the season, kickstarted with millions of viewers world-wide and gained several million admirers within a span of few hours.

Talking to this reporter, So Dee said, “I am thankful to Yo Yo Honey Singh, and the entire team who especially listened to my song and encouraged me for making a debut with him. After the song was released, my spirits are high and I feel very much motivated.”

He further said, “ I have 2 big songs coming very soon, and I will share them with you all in

the coming months .” Speaking about Who Knows song, So Dee said, “This song which I have written and composed music for is just me and my heart, reflecting my quest for knowing more about the person residing inside me.” So Dee thanked his friends and family for their constant support and encouragement.

Being very attached to Jammu city, So Dee feels humbled by the love, blessings and support received from the countless people of Jammu & Kashmir who have recently viewed, appreciated ,shared and commented on his debut song, making him one of the most popular debut singers of the Jammu city. So Dee promises to give back to this city through his music and dedicate some of his future compositions to the people of the city.

“Who Knows” is trending on global charts. He can be followed on Instagram.com/ashishssodhi

and youtube.com/@YoYoHoneySingh. Singer So Dee belongs to the Sodhi family of Jammu. He is the son of S.Deep Kour and Surinder Singh Sodhi, Pro-Vice Chairperson/ Director of DPS schools – J&K, and the grandson of prisoner of war S. Kirpal Singh of Rehari BC Road, Jammu.