Massive fire broke out in shop in Jammu, goods worth lakhs burnt


Aman Zutshi

Jammu: A massive fire broke in a mobile shop situated in Raghunath bazar in Jammu yesterday in which huge quantity of goods worth lakhs kept in the shop got burnt during the fire.

As per the report, the fire broke out around 2:30am late in the night through the overhead cables which were dangling from an electric pole near the shop and which resulted in a menacingly blaze after the wires caught fire, after which nearby hotel and also sign boards of adjoining shop got burnt.

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“I’m Arun’s brother Around 2:30 in the night watchman called and told me that our shop has  caught fire and we should come to douse it”, said, Mr Bhushan Kumar, shop owner whose brother’s shop was burnt.

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“We arrived at the shop and along with us police and fire brigade also arrived to control the blaze, there was short circuit which sparked fire”, he added.

“There was massive blaze which burnt upper floor of the nearby hotel, we’re lucky that fire didn’t spread inside this shop, the power dept should take notice of vines of wire dangling from the pole, which caused this blaze”, he said.

“Our watchman informed us about the blaze in our shop and he also apprised police and fire rescuers. The blaze spread through the short circuit pole in our shop from the electric meter”, said, Mr Ashish Gupta whose mobile shop is burnt.

“We saw the fire has taken a formidable form the moment we opened the shop’s shutter, it was very difficult to control it”, he added.

“We have suffered a major loss and the fire has spared nothing, I’m not able to estimate the loss I have suffered, it is in lakhs”, he alleged.

“The power dept employees came and removed all the meters from the electric poles, there is too much load and wires on the poles here”, he asserted.

‘The PDD dept must solve this matter of dangling wires on the pole to make Jammu smart city, there were tourists in a nearby hotel which were also stuck in fire and they were rescued by the police”, he said.

“We evacuated all the customers from the hotel and we pulled all the customers safely from the hotel, we were afraid but we saved them”, Owner of the hotel said.

“The main cause of fire incidents is short circuit which triggers blazes here and every then and now these incidents takes place here”, General Secretary of Raghunath Bazar said.

“We have also filed complaints to the concerned dept, they come and make temporary repairs and go back, but the situation remains unchanged”, he added.

“We have apprised the PDD dept many times but all went in vain and today a major incident has took place and they suffered huge loss”, he alleged.

“Its a big negligence of power dept as there are hotels here in which tourists were sleeping, the hotel workers rescued them along with the watchman, the shopkeeper has suffered a huge loss, who will pay him”, he further said.

“The eyewitness workers of the hotel were saying there were huge inferno here but even after that the power dept failed to cut off the electricity supply here on time”, he claimed.