Woman Driver claims harassment By Male Drivers in Jammu, Demands Justice


Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Ranjeet Kour (35) became an e-rickshaw driver some months ago in Jammu, who plies in Kunjwani- Sehora route. With her husband’s support she begin her career in driving e-rickshaws and has been encouraged to break barriers of gender stereotypes. However, while it was an initiative to break all gender stereotypes, Ranjit and  have been facing verbal abuse and harassment  from her male counterparts.

“The govt says ‘Teach and save girls’ but how this can be achieved as I’m not being allowed to work here”, Mrs Ranjeet Kour told media.

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“All my Male counterparts who drive e-rickshaws on the same route are harassing me. I thought driving this will help me to run my household”, said, Ranjeet while sobbing.

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“What if other women also began to operate e-rickshaws here. How will girls can go forward to prove their mettle. I have informed local police that male drivers use to abuse me and they use come in 10-15 group to discourage me from working here”, Ranjeet added while tears rolling down her face.

“As per now, there is only one woman who is an e-rickshaw operator what they will do if other women also join this work”, she alleged.

“Whenever I used to come for the work from my home the male drivers don’t allow me to work, women also have the same rights as men”, Kour asserted.

“They pester me everyday and don’t allow me to attend the passengers in the share e-rickshaw lane here”, she claimed.

“So many people have told me to register an FIR at police station against them, but I’m ignoring the suggestion but the male drivers are adamant to pester me”, she remarked.

“I’m plying on Kunjwani- Sioda route my male counterparts should allow me to work, I have apprised the police about my woes but they only stand as spectators and do nothing when the males come in clique to stop my work”, she said.

“My livelihood depends on this job and how much one can tolerate. I used to do all the morning chores before coming to work”, she added.