Gaurav Gupta, Secretary Jammu Club today called on Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and discussed the prevailing socio-political scenario in Jammu and Kashmir.

Gaurav apprised the Union Minister about the initiatives taken by the government in changing the development profile of the region and ensuring the lasting peace. He mentioned that road network in Jammu and Kashmir has changed drastically. Now the people will not face any convenience in reaching Kashmir in hours after completion of tunnels and national highways.

Secretary Jammu Club also apprised Nitin Gadkari about the functioning of Jammu Club and invited him for the guest lecture on the futuristic roadmap of Jammu and Kashmir.
Gaurav extended invitation to Sh Nitin Gadkari for enlightening the citizens as a Guest Speaker on the topic “Futuristic Roadmap of J&K.”
“Since long, members of Jammu Club had been longing to get enlightened on issues of National interest and other significant issues especially pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir. Now we would feel highly delighted by having the opportunity to invite you as the most precious guest speaker in the seminar being organized by the Jammu Club on topic “Futuristic Roadmap of J&K.”
Gaurav, who is also the General Secretary of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jammu, said that the Club as well as the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory will be highly honoured to hear the valuable experiences and opinion of the Union Transport Minister.

It is pertinent to mention that Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari always remains in the limelight due to his innovative and effective decisions making travelling across the country convenient and safe, and also alleviating the hardships of the commuters using roads and highways by way of improving the concerned infrastructure upto the level next. The Union Minister Gadkari has also contributed a lot in upgrading the roads, tunnels and bridges in J&K and the infra development carried out under his tenure in J&K is unprecedented and matchless making him one of the best ministers in the country so far.

Impressed by the insightful knowledge of Secretary Jammu Club over various facets of issues concerning Jammu and Kashmir, the Union Minister appreciated him for being so informative with regard to the current situation in the Union Territory. He also readily accepted the invitation for holding a guest lecture at Jammu Club soon.