Thieves stole car, hit its owner in Jammu


Some brazen thieves on Monday allegedly stole a man’s car from Bhatindi area of Jammu and after stealing it ran the vehicle over its owner, left him wounded on Monday.

The report said that the mishap took place when some burglars barged into the house of Mr Abdul Hanif in Bhatindi and stole his car, but when he confronted them in order to stop them from stealing his vehicle, the thieves drove the car over him and wounded him.

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Talking to the media, Mr Abdul Hanif, said, “I don’t know the robbers. They stole our vehicle from our house, they posses a duplicate key which they used to access my car”.

Watch Report by Ashish Kohli

“When I came in front of the car to stop them they tried to kill me and hit me. When I raised the alarm locals came out to see”, he said.

“My children took me to the police station and when we reached there SSP sir told my kids to take me hospital. The govt has no facility for us, not even a single policemen came to inquire about my condition”, he added.

“After the incident my villagers came for my aid, they lifted me up from the road and kept me aside and told me to visit police station”, he remarked.

“A Kashmiri boy who was wearing a half t-shirt stole my car, there was another with him and another man was lying in the back of my car”, he remarked.

“SSP Zulfikar sir also came and called SHO and told him to take my matter seriously saying that I’m his neighbour”, he said.

“The police should recover my vehicle from robbers and should apprehend them”, he asserted.

“The thieves have fractured my leg”, he said.