Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police Dilbag Singh on Sunday said that Pakistan does not want peace to prevail in Jammu and Kashmir.
“Pakistan and its agencies have always played a game of violence in Jammu and Kashmir and they do not like peace in our region”, DGP said on the sidelines of the inaugural function of B.N Mullik Memorial All India Police Football Championship 2022-23 hosted by Jammu and Kashmir Police here in Srinagar on Sunday.
He said Pakistan does not want peace in Jammu and Kashmir.
The DGP said that Pakistan and its agencies are abating and supporting terrorism and narcotics in Jammu and Kashmir.
He said security forces have captured a large consignment of narcotics and arms and ammunition in Poonch district of Jammu region recently.
DGP Singh said Pakistan not only transports narcotics and arms and ammunition but huge amounts of cash is also being sent from across the border for spread militancy in the region.
He said recently security forces have captured Rs 1.5 Cr cash in Poonch district alone, along with 7 kgs of heroin.
This money, he said and the cash earned by the sale of heroin, is being spent on spreading militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, he added.
“Our utmost efforts is that all such modules be busted and neutralized”, the DGP said.
“I want to make the youth of Jammu and Kashmir aware that time has come to stop the conspiracies of Pakistan and strengthen the bonds of peace and prosperity which is also my aim”, he added.
Regarding the target killings, the DGP said that “these have marginally come down but somewhere such incidents happen and security agencies are strongly checking and counterproductive measures are being taken to eliminate terrorism completely from the soil, ” he said. “Day night efforts are on and will continue to achieve the goal”.
DGP Dilbag Singh said that chances of infiltration are increasing as soon as the snow starts melting on high reaches of the border.
He said so far the infiltration from across the border is controlled to a great extent. They (terrorists) will attempt to cross this side but our security forces are there to defeat their nefarious designs, he added.
He said “SIU, SIA AND NIA are all working collectively together and we have taken up Narcotics Bureau along, with the help of these agencies the ramification of interstate gangs and their operations would be finished and destroyed on all levels completely and for that efforts are going on.
He said the properties of involved people are being attached after thorough investigations. “This is not drama which is being played ..whosoever is being found involved in willfully providing shelter to the militants the properties are being sealed”.
He said it people have been warned number of times not to provide shelter or provide transport to any militant. “If security agencies are attaching any property where terrorist activities are taking place is that wrong”, he questioned.
He said those who are found guilty of providing support to militants in their nefarious designs will not be spared.