BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today hit out at senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for “tarnishing the image of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on foreign lands.”

Taking strong exception to Rahul’s speech in Cambridge recently, Chugh said at a time when India has been bestowed the proud responsibility of leading the G20 group Rahul Gandhi’s “defamatory address demonstrated that he was still wearing Italian glasses to look at India.”

Chugh said at a time when the entire world is looking up to India and India has become a vibrant example of democracy, Rahul’s address at Cambridge was a piece of “ridicule for him and the Congress.”

“Rahul’s misleading and negative propaganda against India to defame all Indians speaks of bankruptcy in the Congress and its thinking,” said Chugh, in a statement.

He said Rahul Gandhi should have talked about a large number of governance initiatives that Modi government has brought about but his Italian glasses don’t let him see that and for this he owes an apology to the country.