Police Resorts To Lathi-Charge To Disperse Protesting JKSSB Aspirants in Jammu

   Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Police on Wednesday resorted to lathi-charge to disperse protesting JKSSB aspirants  demanding ban against the purported grant of contract to APTECH Ltd. which conducts various exams in Jammu & Kashmir.

Agitating JKSSB aspirants  started the protest at Dogra chowk near the Press Club of Jammu but contingent of police deployed, prevented them from agitating on the road.

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To foil the march, police resorted to lathi-charge and dispersed scores of protestors.

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Conversing with the media, an injured protestors, said:” The police is beating us with batons and which were bought by our taxes and also their uniforms which they are wearing”.

“We came here to agitate peacefully but the police is raining batons on us, they are fighting with us”, he allegedly added.

“We were protesting peacefully and didn’t even blocked road and were only demanding the ban of Aptech company”, he added.

“The police is protecting that company and thrashing the students here, they hit a student on his head and instead of taking that injured person to hospital, they stuffed him in the bus and is taking him to the police station”, another protestor told media sitting in the police bus.

“The govt is playing with the future of aspirants and the students are crossing their age limits giving JKSSB exams”, a woman agitating protestors told media.

“For how long we will have to sit in our homes. They advertise posts for us then tell us scam has happened in exams “, she added.

“Why the govt has given tender to  Aptech firm to organise exams, which is involved in so many scandals”, she asked.