Locals in Jammu wants Rohingyas to be deported alleging they’re impacting their business

Jammu: Several locals of Karyani Talab area of Bhatindi in Jammu yesterday alleged that Rohingya’s living in the area is impacting their small-scale business posing a direct challenge to their sustenance of livelihood.

Talking to the media, a local woman, said: “I was going with my brother in the night then some Rohingya children passed comments at me and said [hey! Hindu woman, where are you going)”.

“I told them I will slap you there were many people there. Someday these kids will not even allow us to cross this way”, she said.

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“We are locals and they are acting like they own Jammu”, she alleged.

“We are living on rent here and they have this audacity to pass bad remarks at us”.

“I told my brother about the incident, he asked I should have inform him that time. But fearing a ruckus I didn’t”, she added.

“Yes, our business is effected because of the rohingyas”.

“We had a meat shop earlier in Narwal but now we shifted it to Doda under compulsion as our earnings were less”, said another local woman.

“The Rohingyas should be deported from here”, she said.

“They have closed our business here because they’re operating a whole Burma market here”.

“They sell everything from fish to meat, clothes, slippers”, she added.

“What we will eat and how we will teach our kids”, she asked.

“Our business is suffering because of them, they have shops here. We’re not even employed. Our shops is  our only source of income. We can’t do anything”.

“I was feeding my kids and when I came back to attend my shop my two blankets were missing, they stole it”, another local woman said.

“They’re trafficking minor girls here and take them to Srinagar and someday they will also attack local girls here”, said a local man.

“They are also carrying out thefts here. The govt deported them but they came back, they should be sent back”,  he added.