Locals celebrated Holi with pomp in Jammu


Jammu: Considered as one of the most amazing festivals, Holi is here to rock the Jammuites and the locals are celebrating it with much excitement.

The locals are being seen celebrating Holi by throwing coloured powder on each other’s faces, singing sacred songs, playing cards and eating delicious sweets and drinking thandai.

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The festival of colors is being celebrated here in Jammu by the natives with much zeal and gusto.

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Scores of locals went to the streets  to play holi and drenched themselves in colours.

While wishing happy holi the Children as well as adults seen throwing colors and water ballons and spraying water on each other in Jammu.

“We wish everyone happy holi”, said three teenagers whose face were colored and were going on a bike.

“The festival of holi use to be celebrated with pomp every year in Bhairav temple and today it is also being celebrated here” said, a local man.

“We’re celebrating with organic colors and thandai is being served to the devotees here also”, he added.