Jammu city: Not so smart yet to give property tax says locals as it lacks basic facilities


Various roads in the Jammu city are in a shambles, crying for repair. As a result, locals have a tough time commuting on them.

As per the report, Several residents of Hajipura in Last Morh,Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, have been facing tough time to cross their streets because according to them, their street remain waterlogged all the time due to which they are not able to travel through it.

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The residents of Hajipura has told the media that whenever they visit the municipal contractor to address the issue he misbehaves with them and has refused to repair the damaged street.

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With the imposition of recently introduced house tax in Jammu, the locals has said that they’re not able to pay it because the smart city project which was launched in Jammu to provide better infrastructure, roads and hospitals and to give a decent quality of life to the citizens is nowhere on the ground, the report said.