Opposition against property tax continues by locals in Jammu

Jammu: Since the introduction of property tax in J&K the people have been staging agitations against  its imposition in the Union Territory (UT).

The locals as well as opposition parties have been opposing the local govt’s move since it came into existence on 1st of April this year.

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“No one is here to hear our woes. The poor is facing the burnt everywhere, we are daily wagers and how we will run our house households and how we will give property tax”, said a local, who works as an ATM guard.

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“I’m working as an ATM guard here and when I started this job I used to get Rs 5800 as salary and now I’m being paid Rs 8,000, how could I pay the tax”, he added.

“In J&K people are facing hardships to manage two meals a day and recently LG sir said if locals in the UT can afford to buy i-phone, petrol and can afford luxurious life style, then they can also give property tax”,  said a local woman.

“The masses in J&K are poor and there is inequality here and first we have to work on that. I appeal LG sir to roll back property tax cause we don’t have an elected  govt here and first we need one then things will be okay”, she added.

“So many residents in J-K are not financially sound and the people are being fooled by the administration”, a local man said.

“The govt has said that the tax will be imposed on 40%, but approximately 90% of the urban  area in Jammu is coming under property tax, they lied about one nation and govt and the J&K regime has become bankrupt that’s why they’re imposing taxes on people”, he alleged.