Courageous 72-Year-Old Woman catches thief in Jammu


    Aman Zutshi

In a brave act, a Courageous 72-year-old Woman showed valour and caught a thief, who was running away after stealing goods from the woman’s shop in Bakshi Nagar in Jammu, yesterday.

As per the report, the incident happened when thieves disguising as customers arrived at the shop of the victim woman and on pretext of buying something snatched victim’s phone and ran away, but the woman also ran after them and caught the thief.

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Speaking to the media, Mrs Gulshan, the courageous woman, said: “I was standing in my shop attending the customers then a boy came and asked for ice-cream, I told him we’re out of stock”.

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“But then he asked for soda and as soon as I went to fetch it for him, he suddenly leapt towards my cash drawer and stole my phone and ran away”, she added excitedly.

“I had my eyes on him and I screamed at him as what he’s doing and ran after him and grabbed him from behind, then Azhar came and firmly held his scooty”, she further said.

“Nothing like that I have experienced earlier. He could have attacked me and could have snatched my chain cause he was carrying a punch, a blade and drugs with him”, she alleged.

“Two boys came and asked her for cold drinks but as she went inside the shop to give them, the thief took her phone and ran away on the scooty”, said Mr Azhar Hussain, the victim’s neighbour.

“I came outside after hearing her scream and grabbed the burglars scooty and slapped him, then more people came for our aid and caught the burglar”, he added.

“There were two burglars and were escaping but I caught one of them. I also chased his partner but he fled away”, Mrs Gulshan said.

“I’m from Uttar Pradesh”, Mr Azhar told media.

“We suspected that this a stolen scooty  because it had no number plates on both sides and he painted the vehicle black “, Mr Nitish Sharma, a local said.

“I found vehicle’s registration certificate which was registered in a woman’s name and called her, she felt glad and we told her to take her scooty from Bakshi Nagar police station”, he added.