Patwaris calls for indefinite strike, abstain from all types of works in Jammu


Aman Zutshi

Scores of Patwaris on Wednesday held a sit-in protest in Jammu for their demands.

Several protestors were seen shouting slogans and expressing their demands, while the protest was organized under the aegis of All Jammu and Kashmir Patwar Association.

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One of the protestors, said, “When we joined as Patwaris in the dept our grade pay was increased to Rs 2800 but later it was reduce to Rs 2400 again by a govt memorandum”.


“We demand our grade pay to be increased at par with govt teachers. In March 2022, Commissioner Secretary Revenue (CSR) sir held a meeting and assured that within one month our issues will be solved, but nothing has been done in this regard for us till now”, he added.

“Patwaris work day and night but we have govt accommodation in the Patwar Khanas. In 1970-72, Patwaris had 5-10 villages under them, but now our population is much higher, that’s why we need establishment of Patwari Halqas as soon as possible”, he asserted.

“The landlord as well as villagers will avail our facilities easily if govt establish Patwar Khanas soon for us, the Girdawars have entire tehsils in their authority and posts of Girdawars should be advertise soon by govt”, he said.

“Our salary allowance should be hiked and Departmental Promotion Committees (DCP) should be conducted timely along with that the harassment of Patwaris should be stopped and we should not be overburdened with work, people also try to beat us”, he alleged.

“We also demand digitization of ‘Masnavi’ (land records) so that the records can be saved from breaking into pieces”, he further said.

“We also demand postings of girdawars and patwaris on timely basis, this is our indefinite strike”, he said.