Centuries old water flour mills still continue in Jammu


Aman Zutshi

Jammu: The Sheetal Nagar village of Bhoond block in Kathua district of Jammu still  preserves the centuries-old tradition of making flour through mills driven by water.


Speaking to the media, Mr Khemraj, said, “This Gharat ( water mill) has been running here from last 40 years and I have been operating this mill from past 15 years”.

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“The mill is powered by fast- flowing water of the stream, which turns the heavy grindstone to produce flour”, he added.

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“The force of the water flow drives the blades of a turbine. It rotates an axle that drives the crushing stone. The passage of water is controlled by sluice gates that allow for maintenance and control the speed of grinding stones”, he said.

“The flour which we get from this mill is healthy in nature”, he remarked.

Mr Mohd Farooq, another villager, said, “We have been coming here from a long time as this flour grinded by the mill is good for body”.

“In hinterlands we get things such as vegetables, ghee,fruits and this flour easily & naturally and we use our home produced manure in them, which makes them wholesome”, he asserted.

“Approximately 200 kilos of flour we grind in this water mill everyday”, said, Mr Khemraj.

“This mill works on water and it is cost free, it uses no electricity as it runs on water and its flour is good for health”, another local said.