11-Year-Old girl, Who earns Rs 1.1 Crore a Month, Is Retiring


11-old girl in Australia has said she plans on retiring so that she can focus on her schooling, according to a report.

The outlet further said that Pixie Curtis makes more than $133,000 (Rs 1.1 crore) a month.

Ms Curtis also owns a luxury car – a Mercedes – despite not being able to drive it.

Her earnings are from Pixie’s Pix, a company selling hair bows and headbands. The business was set up by the girl’s mother, Roxy Jacenko, an Australia businesswoman.

Pixie has decided to hang her online toy store shoes up to focus on her impending entry into high school,” she told media.

“In short, over the past few months, we have been discussing the business plans going forward as a family and decided that while it has been an amazing journey starting some three years ago, it was time to refocus with high school just around the corner,” Ms Jacenko added.

Pixie Curtis’ 11th birthday party went viral in August last year for being so lavish that it cost $40,000, as per a report.

She has 121,000 followers on Instagram where the girl keeps posting videos and photos of the things she owns and her outings with friends.