President, J&K BJP Ravinder Raina said that his party is committed to the welfare of people including those from industries, transporters, traders and cooperatives.

According to a press note, he was speaking at a party function. Ravinder Raina guided the Convenors and Co-convenors of Industries, Transport, Trader and Cooperative Cells of BJP regarding their working on the ground level. He asked them to conduct increased Pravas in their respective sectors to extend their reach. He also asked them to involve the maximum members from their sectors in their organisational programmes while discussing and raising their issues. BJP is committed for the welfare of Industries, Transporters, Traders, Cooperatives, he added.

Devender Singh Rana deliberated on the Pravas schedule of the senior Cell activists in different areas. He said that the issues faced by the various sections under these three Cells have already been highlighted at the appropriate levels with the resolution of many. He said that Cell activists are already working dedicatedly on these issues.

Rakesh Mahajan said that many of the Cells have been revamped for the increased efficacy of the party cells at all levels. He said that it would be ensured that the party’s Cells work at the ground level with the active participation of all levels.

Ved Sharma discussed the ways to implement the strategy of the Cells at the District and Mandal levels. He also thanked all senior party leaders and activists for their active participation in the meeting.