Roads become traffic free in Jammu for VIP movement, but not for locals

It is common knowledge that roads in Jammu become traffic free, whenever there is VIP movement. Whenever the VIPs travel on a particular route in Jammu, the traffic is blocked till the VIP passes by.

This results in a traffic menace- the school buses, the ambulances, the sick, the old, the office goers and the common man are all stuck in traffic jams & blockades caused by these VIP movements.

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Recently, in Gujarat PM Modi’s convoy was passing from some route and that time an ambulance came and he halted his convoy so that the ambulance can pass and people should learn something from this, the report said.

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“Everyday in the morning we witness lot of traffic jam before our eyes here, and this has become a routine during school time”, a local shopkeeper said.

“We reach late regularly to our shops due to traffic jam and even our customers suffer because of this, today the traffic police is working because they have to show that they work”, he alleged.