Driver finds Bag Full Of Make-up in Jammu, appeals owner to take it

Sometimes human beings surprise us with their acts of kindness and honesty, even as the concepts of compassion and humanity seems to be lost on many.

An example of this is an incident from Jammu that involves an honest auto-rickshaw driver who found a bag full of make-up at Dogra Chowk in Jammu on Thursday and has appealed its rightful owner to take it from him.

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“I’m Balwinder Kumar and I found this bag around 6:30am in Dogra chowk, at first I was afraid to touch it. But when a scrap picker was about to lift it, I stopped him and told him to let me check it what does it contain”, Mr Balwinder Kumar who drives an Autorickshaw told media.

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“I found costly cosmetic products in the bag, then I thought of contacting Mr Ashish Kohli to help in spreading this news that I found a bag full of make-up and its rightful owner can come to take it from me”, he said.

“Our autorickshaw stand is near M.A stadium and the owner can call me on this number 8082211249 to take this bag”, he added.

“I’m of the opinion that one should really return missing stuff of people, because who knows how that person might have bought the goods”, he said.