14-year-old girl attacked by leopard in Jammu


            Aman Zutshi

Jammu: A 14-yr-old girl was attacked by a leopard when she went to cut grass in her field in Khara Madhana, Purmandal, Samba, yesterday.

The report said that the incident happened when a leopard emerged from a nearby forest and pounced on the victim and her family members who were cutting grass in their field.

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The victim has been identified as Sonia Devi (14) daughter of Kalu r/o Khara Madana village, Purmandal, Samba.

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The victim has sustained injuries on her arms, belly and legs by the leopard’s attack, she studies in 9th class, the report said.

After the incident the victim was rushed to GMC Jammu where she is being treated.

Mrs Raj Kumari, a relative of the victim, said, “We went to cut grass in our field leopard came and attacked us and when we raised alarm he fled”.

“We are scared and this is the first time a leopard has attacked a human here, earlier it only used to target animals”, she added.

“I work in a company at Bari Brahmana a relative called and told me that my niece is attacked by a leopard and went to meet her. I also went to see her at the hospital”, Victim’s aunt said.

“We also went with her in the field and a leopard attacked us, only when we screamed then it ran. We rescued sonia from its jaws”, another relative of the victim said.

“All of us are sacred now to go outside, the govt should take preventive measures against it”, another relative of the victim said.

The locals has said that they have suffered heavy losses by this leopard attack.