Protesters caused a commotion in the police station in Bhagwanpur, Begusarai of Bihar on Thursday, following the murder of a youth in a minor dispute. As soon as the dead body of the youth arrived in the village, the people grew enraged and caused a ruckus at the police station.

According to the report, the vehicle and other items of the police station were vandalized by stone pelting. After that, the road was blocked. As soon as the local people got information about the ruckus in the police station, the police of many police stations reached the spot and chased away the villagers.

“A murder case happened two days back, two people were sitting near a bonfire & one of them had argument with a passerby. In heat of moment, the passerby shot the man. Accused has been identified, FIR filed & stringent actions will be taken”: Yogendra Kumar SP Begusarai said.
The SP further added: “We got information that in Bhagwanpur police station some cars are parked. protesters were sitting in the block office. People came inside & broke the cars, vandalized the police station.”

SP Yogendra Kumar also stated that the shooter has been identified. Arrests have been ordered by the local police. The miscreant involved in the act will be apprehended soon, and the matter will be made public.

“Some miscreants instigated the crowd & the crowd attacked the police station. Our reserve force has controlled the situation. In video footage, 2-3 boys have been identified & will be arrested according to SHO orders,” the SP said.