Ishan Kishan and KS Bharat are two promising young Indian cricketers who have made a mark in domestic cricket with their impressive performances in the Ranji Trophy. Both players have been consistent contributors to their respective teams and have caught the attention of Indian cricket fans and selectors alike. In this article, we will compare the two cricketers based on their Ranji Trophy stats and look at five key points to understand the differences between their performances.

Batting Average

Ishan Kishan has a higher batting average in the Ranji Trophy, averaging 44.47 runs per innings compared to KS Bharat’s 39.24. This suggests that Kishan has been more consistent in converting his starts into big scores, and has been more reliable with the bat for his team.

Strike Rate

In terms of strike rate, Bharat has the upper hand, scoring at a rate of 65.52 runs per 100 balls compared to Kishan’s 60.97. This indicates that Bharat has been more aggressive in his approach, taking the attack to the bowlers and scoring at a faster rate.


In terms of centuries, Kishan has a slight advantage over Bharat, having scored 6 centuries in the Ranji Trophy compared to Bharat’s 5. This further highlights Kishan’s ability to convert his starts into big scores and his ability to play long innings.


Both players have an impressive record of scoring half-centuries in the Ranji Trophy. Kishan has 17 half-centuries to his name, while Bharat has 14. This suggests that both players have been instrumental in providing solid starts to their teams and laying the foundation for a big score.


In addition to their batting skills, both Kishan and Bharat are also known for their sharp fielding. Kishan has taken 25 catches in the Ranji Trophy, while Bharat has taken 16. This highlights their athleticism and their ability to make valuable contributions to their team in the field.

In conclusion, both Ishan Kishan and KS Bharat are talented young cricketers with impressive records in the Ranji Trophy. While Kishan has a higher batting average and more centuries to his name, Bharat has a higher strike rate and has been more aggressive in his approach. Both players have their unique strengths and have the potential to play for the Indian cricket team in the future.