Rakhi Sawant’s husband has been arrested. Adil went to meet Rakhi at her place. Meanwhile, Oshiwara Police reached the location and arrested Adil.

As per reports, Rakhi filed an FIR against Adil.

The development comes after Rakhi Sawant recently spotted at the Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai, filing a case against her husband. While the reason is still unknown, it could seemingly for the businessman’s extramarital affair that has led to the actress being stressed.

Earlier, Rakhi made several allegations against her husband Adil Khan Durrani. Speaking to the media on Monday, Rakhi accused Adil of not giving money for her mother Jaya Bheda’s treatment. She also said that her mother died because of Adil. Rakhi also claimed that Adil told her that he has parted ways with her and is living with his alleged girlfriend Tanu.