Big controversy on Umran Malik for refusing to apply tilak at hotel

Indian cricketer and Jammu express Umran Malik is facing the heat from a section of the fans at home for refusing to apply Tilak on his forehead.

A video has surfaced on the internet in which the Indian team is checking into a hotel and Umran can be seen requesting the hotel staff to not put the Tilak on their forehead.

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The act has gone viral on the internet as fans feel he should not have done that. Tilak is a part of Hindu tradition in India and is applied to welcome the guests.

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Umran is  being targeted by the online fans and by many locals of Jammu for refusing the sectarian mark, but this is only one side of the picture as in one picture Umran can be seen happily bowing in front of the hotel staff and she pleasantly  puts the Tilak on his forehead.

Despite the fact that even batting coach Vikram Rathour and one of the support staff members have also refused to apply the tilak on them.

Umran is an emerging shining star of Indian cricket and he should be kept away from this dirty politics, the report said.