‘We will not let anyone destroy our houses’ says Girl Protestor against             encroachment drive in Jammu

Several people staged agitation in Sunjwan-Bathindi on the city’s outskirts against the Jammu and Kashmir administration’s ongoing anti-encroachment drive to retrieve “illegally occupied” land, yesterday.

Carrying Tricolours, the protesters, including women and children, poured onto the main road in rain and shouted slogans ‘Hail Mother India’  against the eviction order.

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“We have all come on the streets because our homes are being razed, our properties are being snatched away and even in sweltering heat we will agitate for our rights” a girl protestor said.

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“The regimes never bothered about our dewellings during partition and now after several decades they have decided to take action against us, when we have nowhere to go”, she added.

“All most all the houses here have been served notices to evacuate their homes and some of them are yet to get eviction notices”, she told media.

“They have sent the notices in guise of razing only commercial residences and where will our kids, elderly and all of us go”, she asked.

“The govt has marked all our houses to destroy them in the name of commercial establishments”, she added.

“First they told us that they have only asked those people to vacate land, who posses so much of it, but now they’re snatching our small establishments”, she remarked.

“Their ploys are risking our lives and our constitution has given us rights & we will protect them”, she asserted.

“All of us will fight for our rights till our last breathe”, she added.