Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is once again in controversy. Controversial slogans were written on the walls of several buildings located on the university campus, including the offices of several professors. Along with this, some professors have been asked to go to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) instead of the university at the gate of the chambers. Photos of the vandalised walls with slogans are going viral on social media. The slogans specifically target upper caste Hindu communities.

The university students said that slogans against Brahmin and Vaishya communities have been written on the walls of the School of International Studies-II building on the university campus. The slogans read “Brahmin-Baniya, we are coming for you”, “We will avenge”, “Brahmins Leave the campus”, “Brahmins leave India”, “Now there will be blood”, “Go back to Sakha” and others.

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‘Go to the Shakha’ has been written on the doors of the chambers of several professors, accusing them of being RSS members. The professors targeted by the leftist goons include Nalin Kumar Mohapatra, Raj Yadav, Pravesh Kumar, and Vandana Mishra.

There was no response from the university administration in this regard. The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), a student organization affiliated with the RSS, has called it a “barbarism” by the Left.

JNU Teacher’s Forum took it to Twitter and wrote, “While the Left-Liberal gang intimidates every dissenting voice, they appeal to elect EC representatives that “can assert the values of mutual respect and civility, & equal & just treatment of all.” ‘civility’ & ‘mutual respect. Highly deplorable act of vandalism! The ordeal of ‘civility’ and ‘mutual respect’ never ends.”

ABVP released a statement condemning the vandalisation inside the JNU campus and blamed the communists. The statement said:

ABVP condemns the rampant vandalization of academic spaces by communist goons. The communists have written abuses on walls of JNU in School of International Studies- II building. They have defaced chambers of free thinking professors in order to intimidate them.

The communists have once again targeted the same female faculty whom they had held hostage for more than 3 days on 8th Nov 2019.

We believe that academic spaces must be used for debates and discussion and not for poisoning the society and students community.

They said that hate and abuse has no place in JNU, and demanded that the perpetrators should be booked.

JNU ABVP president Rohit Kumar said, “ABVP condemns the large-scale writing of casteist slogans in academic spaces by communist goons. Communists have written abusive words on the walls of JNU in the School of International Studies building II. They have defaced the chambers of independent-thinking professors to intimidate and threaten them.”

Rohit Kumar said, “We believe that academic spaces should be used for debate and discussion and not for poisoning in the society and the community of students. There is no place for hate and abuse here.”