New Delhi, Sept 19: In a statement given to the media on Monday the Union Minister Jitendra Singh said that the govt is going to send a joint delegation to  New York (USA) where it will  hold discussions with intellectuals and scientists on clean energy there and the delegation will also include the Indian diaspora residing there in this 5-day visit so that in time to come, they become a part of this global campaign.

“Besides this, engagements of our joint delegation have been scheduled in Washington too where they’ll have detailed discussions with Chamber of Commerce & business leaders. Unless we keep industries onboard, just research won’t be enough to ensure clean energy”, he said.

He further said that  the Global Clean Energy Action Forum is perhaps the first-of-its-kind meeting where 30 countries of the world is going to participate.

“This is a subject relevant to industry, science and humanity. This conference will be held in Pittsburgh from 21-23 Sept”, he added.