Samba, 7 sept, 2022: A drunk truck driver on Wednesday damaged several shops and ran his truck over a dog in Smailpur Kothe, Samba, Jammu.

As per the report, the accident occurred when the truck driver lost his control over the wheel and damaged several shops and crushed  a dog in Smailpur village of Samba.

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It has been reported that the truck operator was driving his vehicle under the influence of liquor cause of which he lost his senses and rammed the vehicle.

“At around 3:45am in the early morning hours the drunk driver came hit his truck in our shops and crushed our dog, I have suffered major losses approximately around 6-7 lakhs due to this incident”, the local shopkeeper said.

He was travelling from Kunjwani to Smailpur Samba where he overturned his truck, the report said.

The local police has taken the driver in their custody for the interrogation.

Aman Zutshi