Nearly nine months after their mother died, two music teachers ended their lives at their Keesara home. Police said the brothers were in depression.

M Srinu Reddy (58) of Rampally in Keesara said their sons, M Yadi Reddy (30) and M Mahipal Reddy (28), went into a 8 depression since October last year after his wife Prameela had died of health complications.

Srinu, who is a mason, went out for work and at 4 pm, neighbours called him to return home immediately. “Srinu rushed back home and found Yadi Reddy hanging from the ceiling fan. Mahipal Reddy was lying dead on the bed. We suspect that he consumed poison,” Keesara inspector P Raghuveer Reddy said.

Police found a suicide note signed by both the brothers. “We are ending our lives due to lack of mother’s love. No one is responsible for our deaths,” the siblings said. Based on a complaint from Srinu, police registered a suspicious death case under CrPC section.
The two siblings along with their elder brother M Madhava Redy were working as music teachers in Gandipet. Srinu told police that the death of his wife had severely affected their two younger sons.

“Srinu Reddy said that Prameela suffered from chronic ailments and died due to health complications,” police said.