A shocking video has surfaced over social media where a woman allegedly in an inebriated state can be seen hurling abuses at a cab driver and a police officer on a road in Navi Mumbai.

The incident took place on March 25 while the unidentified woman along with her 2 friends was traveling in a cab after attending a late-night party in Mumbai.

As per reports, one of the women who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol started abusing the cab driver during the ride and also tried taking control of the car by pushing the driver aside. On the arrival of the police after noticing the ruckus, she held one of the officers by his collar and threatened him.

The incident came to light after a video that was recorded by the cab driver and other passersby went viral on social media.

A series of videos shared by a Twitter user shows the woman rolling and sleeping on the roads. In one of the videos, she can also be seen swearing at the cab driver as well as the Mumbai Police.

The woman was unstoppable even after being warned by the cab driver and police of facing dire consequences. In one of the videos, she can also be seen bragging that nothing would happen to her even if the police and the media were called.

A case was registered against all three girls for disturbing public law and order under the influence of alcohol. While the incident is of the past, the video was shared on social media only recently and led to an uproar on the internet.