With the aim of doubling farm income of farmers, orchardists and people dependent of animal, sheep husbandry and fisheries for their livelihood, the Government today ordered comprehensive restructuring of the government departments dealing these sectors. These activities engage around 70% of population of the UT and creation of a fully-fledged Agriculture Production Department by merging the three existing line departments namely Agriculture Production and Farmers Welfare, Animal, Sheep Husbandry & Fisheries and Horticulture is likely to synergize efforts of government in achieving the target of doubling farm income, set by the Prime Minister.

The restructuring shall ensure that all schemes for welfare of the population engaged in these sectors are available under one umbrella in a single department. The benefits of various schemes available in these sectors can be converged and made available to farmers, orchardists etc. as a comprehensive package.

The Government decision shall also ensure that the inter-sectoral requirements of agriculture and allied sector are met in a hassle free manner and will act as milestone in transparent and timely transfer of funds to the farmers.

This shall also be a step forward to achieve the objective of the Government to secure comprehensive transformation in the livelihood of farmers in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir by modernizing technological interventions and diversifying support systems available in the agriculture and allied sectors. The decision is likely to promote agri-entrepreneurship as a means of high return and respectable employment in a big way.