To deal with the water crisis in summer, the Jammu Municipal Corporation will crackdown on the personnel of the Jal Shakti Department in the city who are negligent in duty. For this, all the corporators have been asked to make surprise visits to pumping stations, water department offices, tube wells, etc. Legal action will be taken against those found absent and dereliction of duty.

On Monday, mayor Chandra Mohan Gupta gave this information while addressing the journalists in the Town Hall. He said that with the implementation of the 74th Amendment, four-city divisions have come under the Jammu Municipal Corporation. Now they have to work under the supervision of the Jammu Municipal Corporation. Therefore, the officials visited Sheetli Filtration Plant, Dhonthali Filtration Plant, and Boria Filtration Plant in the last few days. It came to know that machinery worth crores of rupees is installed here. But, somewhere, the motors are bad, and the structure is old. Not only this, due to the non-availability of private feeders, there is no water supply in case of power cuts.

The Jammu Municipal Corporation has to get an amount of about Rs 90 crore under the AMRUT scheme. With this amount, the old structure of the Jal Shakti Department will be improved. Talks have also been held with the top officials of the electricity department. Dedicated feeders will be given to the Jal Shakti Department. They will not be connected to the domestic feeder anywhere. The water supply will not be affected even if the power is turned off if this happens. The mayor said he visited the pumping station in the parade two days ago at 11 p.m. There were only two employees instead of eight. They, too, were sleeping. People yearn for every drop of water, and the workers keep sleeping, this will not be tolerated.

Amish Mahajan