Trials to promote adventure activities in the tourist destination Patnitop continued on Thursday. Trained pilots from Himachal Pradesh did surveys on gliders in addition to Nathatap in Sanasar. To promote adventure tourism in Patnitop, Patnitop Development Authority (PDA) is conducting paragliding trials to explore paragliding possibilities in the tourist destination Patnitop. This will work to promote the tourism industry. The possibility is being searched at many sites in the Udhampur district for paragliding.

Four trained and professional paragliding pilots from Himachal Pradesh are conducting trials of paragliding route by flying regular flights on the paragliding route from Natthatap to Pachaut from Monday. On the one hand, where paragliders are flying trials on the selected route in Natthatap, on Thursday, the pilots surveyed by flying paragliding thrice from another takeoff point in Sanasar apart from Natthatap.

Sher Singh, CEO of Patnitop Development Authority, said that paragliding is being done in Sanasar to find a new takeoff point in Sanasar. He also said that efforts would be made to make more and better paragliding routes and takeoff points for the tourists in Sanasar and Patnitop to enjoy the thrill of adventure sports. Paragliding will play an important role in promoting tourism in Patnitop and Sanasar regions.

Amish Mahajan