New Delhi: If you are a Central Government employee, this news will make you happy. The central employees have received one more piece of good news. The Labor Ministry has released the AICPI Index data for the month of July. It has increased by 0.7 points since June. The figure in July was 129.9 as 129.2 previously. This increase has paved the way for an increase in employees’ Dearness Allowance’ in January of next year.

Based on the AICPI index data from July to December, the dearness allowance will increase in January next year. The announcement of Dearness Allowance for July will be made soon based on data from January to June. According to sources, the government will announce the Dearness Allowance for July on the third Navratri, September 28. The dearness allowance is expected to rise by 4% at current.

As the DA of central employees is increased twice a year, in January and July, in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission. It is based on the AICPI index for the previous six months. This time, following the increase in dearness allowance in July, employees will receive their September salary as well as two months arrears.

This time dearness allowance is expected to increase by 4 percent. After this, it will scale from 34 to 38 percent. At present, a 34 percent dearness allowance is being given to the central employees by the government. With DA being 38 percent, there will be a good jump in salary.

Dearness allowance for central employees is calculated solely on the basis of the AICPI index. The Labor Ministry publishes the All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) figures. The index was created for 88 centers as well as the entire country. Every month, the AICPI is published on the last working day.