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5 Reasons You Need to Use an Egg Face Mask Regularly

Eggs, the protein-rich superfood, offer us a variety of benefits for not just our bodily strength but also to our skin. Eggs are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as selenium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

In fact, the yolk portion of the egg yolk contains lecithin, which also helps in promoting hydration and makes the skin feel smooth.

Eggs can also enhance the elasticity of your skin, and protein helps repair face tissues.
So, to get you going on your journey towards skin rejuvenation, I present these reasons why your skin needs an egg face mask for a smooth and radiant appearance.

  1. Great for toning and reducing acne

Egg whites firm your skin by removing excess dirt, oil and dead cells. Moreover, eggs help prevent pimples and cysts, reducing the acne on your face as an enzyme called lysozyme kills acne-causing bacteria. It has the ability to break down the wall of certain acne-causing bacteria and prevent the formation of blemishes. An egg-based face mask can thus absorb excess oil from the skin, reducing the chances of pores becoming clogged, giving firmness and freshness to your face.

  1. Eggs are good for providing hydration to the skin

Egg-based face masks can increase skin hydration as the proteins function as humectants.

Additionally, eggs are rich in lutein and antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress and improve skin hydration. Skin brightening is also promoted by using egg-based face masks as they help close large skin pores, reduce wrinkles and help with oily skin. Egg yolks are also beneficial as they are loaded with fatty acids that add moisture to the skin.

  1. Reduce puffiness with eggs

Eggs can also reduce puffiness under your eyes. The sallow look under your eyes that can make you look older comes from daily stress factors such as work, school, a poor diet and anxiety. But a layer of an egg white face mask can eliminate the puffy skin under your eyes, making your face appear fresher and more youthful.


  1. Eliminate blackheads with eggs

Because egg whites have astringent characteristics — meaning they tighten your facial tissues — they can pull out blackheads on your skin and remove dirt. So no more spending bucks on expensive pore cleansers.

  1. Anti-ageing benefits of using eggs

The proteins in an egg-based face mask help to bind moisture to the skin, providing anti-ageing benefits. The hydration offered by eggs, plumps out the skin—makes lines and wrinkles less visible.


Moreover, eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, biotin and zinc that enables cellular fat production in the body, critical for cell turnover, and thereby, repairing damaged skin. Egg whites have protein and collagen, ingredients that are helpful when it comes to fighting off inflammation as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, egg whites contain 18 essential amino acids that are great for preventing skin ageing and the harmful impact of ultraviolet radiations.

So, ladies, start beating those eggs and include this goodness in your skincare routine. In my next blog, I will be telling you about some amazing egg DIY recipes for your skin!


U.s.lima, lifestyle content creator



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