Authorities said that they have identified some black spots in Srinagar where frequent accidents are taking place and that the efforts will be made to ensure the graph of accidents within the summer capital is reduced this year.

Talking to the media persons, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Traffic, City, Muzaffar Ahmad Shah said that around 48 people have lost their lives in the accidents in Srinagar last year and through a study, which will culminate shortly, it has come to the fore that most of the accidents have occurred on Bypass road.

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“We have identified a few black spots like from Shalteng-Parimpira and Pantha Chowk stretch where most of the lives out of 48 in 2022 have been lost. As soon as the study culminates, we will provide the report to Deputy Commissioner (DC) Srinagar in which recommendations will be made with regard to the black spots,” he said.

He further said that work like enforcement and other things will be done to reduce the number of accidents, but indeed the accidents cannot be reduced until the people drive safely and cooperate in terms of following the rules and regulations.

“A good number of accidents in Srinagar happen on two-wheelers, which is probably due to overconfidence of driving skills and other related things. Safe driving is imperative to reduce the number of accidents,” he said, adding that there are some issues like absence of service lanes along Bypass, but these issues will be resolved soon.