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4 Oral hygiene tips one must follow to prevent black fungus



One rapidly spreading infection post–COVID recovery is black fungus.

Mucormycosis, commonly known as Black Fungus is found in people who have recently recovered from Covid-19; these patients have been on oxygen support for a long time, were on a ventilator, taken high levels of steroids, having comorbities or have deranged sugar levels.


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It may also be caused due to poor hygiene of critical equipment like an oxygen mask.

The Health Ministry said that the medicines to treat Black Fungus cannot be purchased from medical stores as this cannot be treated at home.

Some of the symptoms of the infection are a stuffy nose, severe pain, swelling of the face, heaviness below the eyes, discomfort, fever, and headache.

Dentists also mentions some symptoms which can be seen in the mouth only,they are discolouration of the oral tissues, tongue, and gums.

Following simple oral hygiene tips can reduce the chances of catching this rare Black Fungus.

Have a look at these 4 oral hygiene tips to help prevent chances of getting affected by Black Fungus:

· Maintain oral hygiene:

Problems in the sinus, lungs, and even the brain, can be caused by the intake of steroids and other doses of medicine after recovering from COVID-19, which basically enables bacteria and fungus to grow in one’s mouth.
Brush at least twice or thrice a day may help you to control the deadly fungus. Taking oral cleanups is also suggested to be exceedingly helpful.

· Disinfecting toothbrush and tongue cleaner:

While brushing twice or thrice a day is recommended, experts say that a Covid infected or recovered patient should not keep their brush in the same holder where other family members do. Social distancing in terms of your oral hygiene products even after recovering from Covid proves to be beneficial. Keeping in the same holder can increase the chances of spreading the virus to others. It is advised to clean the brush and tongue cleaner using an antiseptic mouthwash, which is easily available in the market.

· Oral rising:

Another must for patients is maintaining good oral health after recovering from Covid-19, to protect themselves from the side effects of the disease. Patients are advised to change their toothbrush once they test negative so that the virus that may be present on the old brush doesn’t attack them again. Also, Covid or no Covid, changing brushes after a maximum of 3 months is recommended by dentists all over.

· Back to Gargles:

All people need to pay special attention to the hygiene of teeth, tongue, and gums after recovery from Covid to avoid infections such as black fungus. For this, salt can be gargled with water. Apart from this, the use of good mouthwash can also help in reducing such problems.

*Regular rinsing of your mouth is highly advised to prevent any kind of infection that can arise after Covid recovery including Black Fungus.

In short, maintaining good oral hygiene can protect you from this disease, as if not treated properly, can become fatal. Taking preventive measures can go a long way.

Hiya Aneja, Content Writer


Petrol and Diesel prices hike again in J&K




After a day of pause, petrol and diesel prices were hiked again on Monday, taking fuel prices across the country to a historic high.

The increase on the day was the 24th rise in prices since May 4, when state-owned oil firms ended an 18-day hiatus in rate revision they observed during assembly elections in some states.

Petrol is above Rs 100 per litre mark in seven states and union territories, including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Ladakh.

The new petrol rate in Jammu and Kashmir is updated daily at 6:00 am IST.

Petrol price in Jammu and Kashmir


Anantnag ₹ 98.83 ₹ 98.34
Badgam ₹ 99.53 ₹ 99.16
Bandipora ₹ 99.91 ₹ 99.56
Baramullah ₹ 99.78 ₹ 99.54
Doda ₹ 98.41 ₹ 97.14
Ganderbal ₹ 99.62 ₹ 99.34
Jammu ₹ 96.37 ₹ 95.64
Kargil ₹ 85.26 ₹ 85.14
Kathua ₹ 96.31 ₹ 96.32
Kishtwar ₹ 98.66 ₹ 98.38
Kulgam ₹ 99.22 ₹ 98.66
Kupwara ₹ 100.20 ₹ 99.86
Leh ₹ 87.32 ₹ 87.20
Poonch ₹ 98.49 ₹ 98.22
Pulwama ₹ 98.96 ₹ 99.16
Rajouri ₹ 97.66 ₹ 97.38
Ramban ₹ 97.56 ₹ 97.28
Reasi ₹ 96.63 ₹ 96.35
Samba ₹ 95.92 ₹ 95.65
Shopian ₹ 99.27 ₹ 98.82
Srinagar ₹ 99.43 ₹ 99.22
Udhampur ₹ 96.66 ₹ 96.39

Diesel price in Jammu and Kashmir

Anantnag ₹ 90.39 ₹ 89.91
Badgam ₹ 90.95 ₹ 90.57
Bandipora ₹ 91.30 ₹ 90.95
Baramullah ₹ 91.18 ₹ 90.92
Doda ₹ 89.98 ₹ 88.96
Ganderbal ₹ 91.03 ₹ 90.74
Jammu ₹ 88.28 ₹ 87.57
Kargil ₹ 77.89 ₹ 77.89
Kathua ₹ 88.22 ₹ 88.20
Kishtwar ₹ 90.24 ₹ 89.95
Kulgam ₹ 90.72 ₹ 90.17
Kupwara ₹ 91.57 ₹ 91.22
Leh ₹ 79.77 ₹ 79.77
Poonch ₹ 90.07 ₹ 89.78
Pulwama ₹ 90.51 ₹ 90.57
Rajouri ₹ 89.34 ₹ 89.05
Ramban ₹ 89.28 ₹ 88.99
Reasi ₹ 88.49 ₹ 88.19
Samba ₹ 87.86 ₹ 87.57
Shopian ₹ 90.74 ₹ 90.29
Srinagar ₹ 90.86 ₹ 90.62
Udhampur ₹ 88.48 ₹ 88.19



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DC Jammu issues new timings for opening shops




District Magistrate Jammu Anshul Garg has issued guidelines for opening of Shops/ Establishment in district.

Read the Order

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Lockdown relaxation: J&K Govt Issues Fresh Guidelines for shops




The Jammu & Kashmir administration on Sunday relaxed Covid-induced restrictions in eight districts–Poonch, Reasi, Ramban, Doda, Shopian, Kulgam, Ganderbal, and Bandipora as the coronavirus infection declines. However, guidelines on the Covid containment, notified on 29 May, will continue to remain in force till further orders.

The union territory has allowed all government and private offices to function subject to strict adherence to Covid appropriate behaviour.

Here’s what’s allowed in the 8 districts:

1. Barbershops, salons, and parlours will be permitted to open on all days of the week (except on Saturdays and Sundays).

2. Standalone shops, outdoor bazaars, shopping complexes would be permitted to open on all days (except Saturday and Sunday).

3. All government offices can function without any restrictions subject to strict adherence to Covid appropriate behaviour.

4. The wholesale trade of liquor would continue to be permitted to operate 5 days a week (except Saturdays and Sundays) in the entire UT.


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