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2nd Day of Navratri

The celebrations of Navratri are going on with immense joy and happiness in people. Though this year many of them aren’t able to visit holy places, they have created mini temples in their houses. Today is the 2nd day of Navratri and it is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Brahmacharini – the 2nd form of Maa Durga. “Brahma” means one who constantly meditates on the Supreme Being. Brahmacharini is highly pious and is a peaceful form or is in meditation and is also known by names Tapascharini, Aparna and Uma.
History and about:
Brahmacharini is related to the severe penance undertaken by Sati and Parvati in their respective births to attain Lord Shiva as husband. Goddess Parvati took birth at the home of Daksha Prajapati in the form of Sati and her unmarried form is worshipped as Goddess Brahmacharini. Lotus and hibiscus flowers are used to garland the Goddess. Her diety holds a mala in her right hand and a kamandal in her left hand. She is always representated as barefooted.
Goddess Brahmacharini signifies love, loyalty, wisdom and knowledge. According to the story, she was born to Himalaya. Being influenced by Devrishi Narada she practiced tough tapa. This Goddess is believed to bestow her devotees with simplicity and good fortune. As per saying devotees who worship Mata do not have any kind of fear. They always remain happy and calm in life.
Pooja and Prashad:
Maa Brahmacharini’s puja is practiced on the 2nd day of Shardiya Navratri. This year it falls on Sunday, 18th October. To worship Maa, one must offer flowers, Roli, Akshat, sandalwood, etc. and bath her with milk, curd, honey, melted butter and sugar. After this, dessert made of pistachios should be offered and then pan, cloves and betel nut. It is said that devotees who worship Mata are blessed with good fortune and all obstacles from their life are removed.
Colour and mantras:
Orange, which depicts energy, happiness and brightness, is the colour of the second day of this festival. One should wear bright and vibrant orange. The mantra to be recited today is:
Ya devi sarvabhuteshu brahmacharini roopen sansthita, namastasyai namastasyai namastasyainamo nama:

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