2 boys riding without helmets die as bike crashes into divider

Two teenagers died on the spot while the third sustained serious injuries after getting into an accident on the highway in Chembur. They were riding a two-wheeler three-up, said the Tilak Nagar police, adding that they have filed an FIR against the rider. According to the police, Himesh Ugamshi Padaya, who was speeding, lost control of the vehicle when a car in front of him changed lanes. He then crashed into the divider. While Padaya and Lakshya Jaiswal died instantly, Anish Gupta was injured.

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They are all aged 17 and reside at Sahakar Chawl in Kurla West, the police said. Before leaving home, Padaya had told his mother that he was going to a salon for a haircut. Around 1 pm, after getting the haircut, they were heading to a shop to buy hair gel when the accident happened. The police rushed them to a nearby hospital where doctors declared both Padaya and Jaiswal dead on arrival, and Gupta was admitted for treatment. The police said Padaya had a large following on social media.

Padaya*s cousin, Dinesh Baria, said, “Due to his following on social media, he used to wear good clothes and always set his hair properly. On January 16, he asked his father for money for a haircut, but he refused. Seeing him upset later, he finally relented. While leaving, Padaya asked his mother to prepare hot water for the bath, saying he would be back soon. But he didn*t return.”

Gupta said, “Padaya studied in Std XI in Kurla and Jaiswal was a Science student. I have lost both my friends.” A police officer said, “We have registered an FIR against Himesh, who was riding the bike. He didn*t have a driving licence, and none of them wore a helmet.”