A 10 year old  scripted a  bizarre kidnapping drama when he skipped the school, today.

The 10 year boy plotted the fake abduction case when he bunked his school and returned to his house.

According to the report, A 10 year old boy plotted a fake  self abduction incident when he skipped  the school, on fearing the admonition and punishment at the hands of his parents he plotted the same to avoid it.

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The boy narrated the fake story  to his parents on reaching his house that some people came in a white car and  attempted to kidnap him but he ran away and saved himself from them.

On hearing this  the parents called the police at their home. The police examined the CCTV footage of  the boy’s locality  but found nothing in them, while when they inquire the boy about the incident he told them that out of fear he plotted the entire incident of his abduction which he watched in a serial on television,  in  order to avoid the physical punishment by his parents of not  attending the school today. The fake plotted  self abduction incident by the boy left his parents and the police stunned, the report said.